What We Do

Are you wondering why this is called a “ministry”?

A “ministry” is the act of serving others!  A “ministry” is also a person through which something is accomplished!

Tracy Patton Ministries does just that!

Tracy Patton Ministries was founded in May, 2015, when Tracy realized the need for a free food pantry for families with children. While visiting an elementary school in Indiana, Tracy learned that many families have a difficult time feeding their children during summer breaks from school. Tracy immediately took action, and opened the REACH! food program for children and their families. The food program was a huge success, as many families were served and provided with food. The food program now serves children and families ALL YEAR LONG in Indiana, Kentucky, and Florida!  Our food program is also very unique, as we deliver food TO the children and families!

The REACH! food program also helps local schools with school supplies, snacks, personal hygiene items, socks, underwear and extra food to send home with children on the weekends and during breaks from school.

Tracy also travels to schools, churches, organizations, sports teams, and businesses to promote positive and motivational messages. (Please see our “Booking” page for a list of topics!)

In 2017, Tracy Patton Ministries became a nonprofit organization


What We Do:

  • Feed children & families (We deliver!)
  • Provide schools with individually wrapped snacks, school supplies, socks, underwear, extra food for weekends/breaks, and much more
  • Provide schools with personal hygiene items
  • Provide children with backpack/school supplies
  • Help families connect with other resources (Food stamps, unemployment, disability, finding a job, etc.)

States We Serve:

  • Indiana, Kentucky, Florida


  • Over 150 & seeking more!