Who We Are

Tracy (Founder/CEO)

Tracy Patton, Founder & President of Tracy Patton Ministries, began serving children & families as a teenager. Tracy and her parents would spend holidays blessing needy families with Christmas presents and holiday meals. That desire to help others has continued throughout Tracy’s life.

Tracy has college degrees in Criminal Justice and in Social Work, and enjoyed 18 years of service in the social work field. In 2000, Tracy suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm, and was not expected to live. After a miraculous recovery, Tracy knew her life had been saved for a reason. After serving as a deacon in a local church for several years, Tracy was part of opening a non-denominational church in 2010. She has served as Pastor of that church since it opened.

Tracy spends each and every day of her life serving others, while inspiring people of all ages to “reach for immeasurably more”! She enjoys spreading messages of positivity to schools, organizations, churches, and businesses. (See Booking page.)

Tracy has written a song , “Come On And Reach (Immeasurably More)” that was recorded by Shawn Thomas.  You can download her song on iTunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify,  Napster,  etc.  Tracy is currently writing her first book, “Come On And Reach”.

Christy (Board Member)

Christy is a graduate of Ball State University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies and minors in Counseling Psychology and Educational Psychology.  She has been in the Mortgage Banking and Finance industry for 20 years and currently works for a local bank.

Christy serves as the Children’s Minister at her church. Her greatest passions are educating children, helping them to realize their talents and gifts, and motivating them to recognize and love their own uniqueness.  Christy strives to empower children to celebrate their uniqueness, so they may encourage other people in this world to celebrate their uniqueness as well.

Christy is extremely excited to be a part of the Tracy Patton Ministries team!  She believes the vision of this ministry is to reach out to our communities to share the love, compassion and encouragement we all need, in order to recognize our true worth and understand that our potential is immeasurable! Christy enjoys collecting food, school supplies, and Christmas presents for local families.

Glenda (Board Member)

After receiving a business degree, Glenda enjoyed 44 years as an administrative assistant in the corporate environment.  Glenda is a children’s Sunday School teacher at her church, and the children adore her!

After many years of volunteering in various organizations, and holding board offices, she hopes to assist Tracy Patton Ministries in reaching as many children and families as possible.  She feels blessed with all that God has provided throughout her life, and hopes to inspire others to share their blessings.

In her spare time, you will find Glenda baking for the hungry, clothing those who have none, and buying Christmas gifts for children who never thought they would GET a Christmas gift. Glenda’s loving and caring heart make all of our families feel like they have found a home!

Katrina (Board Member)

Katrina has an Associate of Science degree in Paralegal Studies, and an Associate of Science degree in Nursing.  She is licensed as a Registered Nurse in two states.  Katrina currently works as a Clinical Manager for Humana, where she has been employed for approximately 5 years.  Prior to becoming a nurse, Katrina was a Paralegal for a local Adoption Agency, and later for a personal injury law firm.

Katrina is on the board of directors at her church, as well as a member of the praise & worship team.  She is also a grade school Sunday School teacher.

Katrina is excited for the opportunities that Tracy Patton Ministries has to touch the lives of children & families.  She believes we all have a duty to encourage and care for the children of our community, as they ARE the future.

Von  (Board Member)                                                                                                 

Von attended Eastern Kentucky University and Baker College, where she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.  She also graduated from Cincinnati State University with a degree in Respiratory Therapy; and became nationally registered as a Respiratory Therapist.  Von worked as a clinical respiratory therapist for 38 years in critical care and diagnostic medicine.

Recently retired, Von works with rescue dog transports, helping shelter pets find forever homes. She also sings in a community chorus and is an active member of the Praise & Worship team at her church.

Von is looking forward to making positive changes in the community by working with Tracy Patton Ministries.

Melissa Scully (Board Member/Event Coordinator)

Belinda (Board Member/Southern Indiana Coordinator)

Peyton  (Youth Consultant)

Peyton brings a “younger” set of ideas to the Tracy Patton Ministries team. Peyton is a middle school student, and enjoys playing percussion in the band. His favorite subject is Math, and he plans on attending college in the future.

Peyton began serving children & families when he was just two years old. He has always taken great delight in shopping for children at Christmas, collecting food for local families, and volunteering with other community organizations that assist children & families.

When asked about his involvement with Tracy Patton Ministries, Peyton humbly replied, “There are so many people who have unmet needs in this world, and Tracy Patton Ministries can meet those needs”. Peyton enjoys donating food, clothing, and supplies to those in need. He is always looking for someone in the community who might need some type of assistance. You will frequently see him handing money to someone in the community!

VOLUNTEERS:   We have over 100 volunteers, who are working hard to feed local children; however, our work is never done.  We still need MORE volunteers (just like you) to help us.  We want to continue to cover the states of Indiana, Kentucky, and Florida, but we also want to move in to additional states.  Please help us do that.  Call 812-595-0571, to help us make a difference in this world!



Diamond Level Sponsorship:

BoomBozz Pizza & Watch Bar Jeffersonville/Clarksville


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Foot First Podiatry

Chris McBee & Chaz Dye

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Jacob’s Chapel United Methodist Church

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Ben & Chynelle Everett

EVERYONE who donates their time, food, money, and more!!  We couldn’t do this without ALL of you!